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Nise Biz is the story of a four-decade successful journey through the media. It’s a family history reflecting Frank, Ida and Michael, beautifully pulling together without any experience to pull from – just integrity and loyalty to offer.  From that humble beginning in a row home:

  • Blossomed a production company which created a national and international show with 3,500 dance episodes (USA, WGN superstation and England)
  • A 10-year public affairs talk show, setting a ratings record
  • The publishing of two entertainment magazines, distributed by 711
  • Music production with 20 national and international productions all picked by the national trade magazines, including a hit in England
  • Books on tape, acted by professional actors and in-house production of music
  • A flashback to the Howdy Doody Show, with the original NBCcast, as a music story album
  • The building and management of three audio and video studios
  • The production of 300 award-winning TV and radio spots, including those produced with named stars
  • The production of a movie theme to Bruce Lee’s “Return of the Dragon”
  • The awarding of 20 gold and platinum records by every major record company
  • The production of documentaries on the “Phillies, the First 100 Years,” as well as a video on trucking in the United States, “A Nation on Wheels”
  • The support of 600 recording artists, including first TV appearances; among those were Madonna and Duran Duran

Television production overview

We have successfully fulfilled sales and programming objectives for national, regional, and local television networks and cable outlets by developing and producing over 4,o00 broadcast hours:

  • Proven successful experience in News, Talk, Music, Sports, Children’s, Education, Documentaries, Public Affairs, Entertainment, Parades, Special Event Coverage, and Infomercials
  • Daily strips for 3 networks for over 7 years
  • High rated long-form program formats featuring over 600 of the biggest stars in every area of entertainment, government, sports, and news
  • Live, live viewer call-ins, live-to-tape, and pre-recorded broadcasts
  • In-studio / On-location productions
  • Coordinated over 800,000 participants on live and live-to-tape programs
  • Concept and creative development, writing, directing, management, and production experience
  • Received 50 public service awards, gold and platinum records for music programming
  • National program parodied on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE! and recognition from NBC, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, National Enquirer, Star Magazine, E!, VH1, among others
Some Facts

Television and Commercials

Created, wrote and produced over 500 star-studded national, regional, and local television and radio commercials, including:

  • Valley Forge Music Fair (Award Winning), Boston Music Hall, Radio City Music Hall, Westbury Music Fair (NY), “Annie Get Your Gun”, JC Penney Stores, McDonald’s Restaurants, Painters Mill Music Fair
  • THE STORY OF HOWDY DOODY national spots featuring the original NBC cast members
  • Advertising agency / production company for Esleep Apparel’s national campaign with JC Penney, including TV and cross-promotional advertising, resulting in sellout of entire inventory in less than 6 months.  Additionally produced over 100 national and local spots / tie-ins with sponsors of DANCE PARTY USA and DANCIN’ ON AIR, including PIZZA HUT MOVIE REVIEW, BURGER KING DOUBLE DREAM DATE, 7 UP COUNTDOWN, BUTTERFINGERS VIDEO SPOTLIGHT


Broadcast Hours


Coordinated Participants


Celebrity Features


Dance Episodes

Print Publishing

We published, co-published and distributed nationally in the following:

  • Published MUSIC BOX (Trade) and TAKE ONE, the first public entertainment newspaper in the Philadelphia tri-state region; TAKE ONE achieved over 300,000 circulation before the end of its first year
  • Co-publisher and contributor for FLIP, THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE FOR DANCE PARTY USA, distributed nationally, immediately rose to the #1 selling fan magazine
  • Articles for national inclusion in publications including THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, STAR MAGAZINE, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, and AUDIO MAGAZINE